Theme 2

Skills and Aspirations

Aim: Maximising the local visibility and accessibility of education and skills pathways to enhance employability for people of all ages and backgrounds and reflect the current and future needs of our key growth industries.

A new Great Yarmouth Learning Centre and University Campus to provide an enhanced route to economic activity and support growth sectors

Artist Impression - University Learning Hub
Project Value: £10,465,543 Town Deal Funding Sought: £7,500,000
Project Value £10,465,543 Town Deal fund sought £7.5m


Well-defined and established clusters in clean energy and maritime with huge potential for sustained growth and employment;

Significant investment in demand-led skills infrastructure and provision, including the £11m East of England Offshore Wind Skills Centre.



Current workforce/skills shortages and future pressure points in our key growth sectors;

Residents are less successful at accessing higher-paid jobs in the Town, with earnings lower than those of inward-commuters;

Low aspiration and a traditional reliance on certain forms of seasonal employment associated with tourism;

Attracting and retaining young people, graduates and higher-skilled individuals to and within the Town.


What Success Looks Like

Education and skills opportunities enable our residents to reach their full potential: long-term, basic and higher skills provision that raises aspiration, provides an enhanced route to economic activity/inclusion and clear progression pathways for careers in our growth sectors.

The conditions for sustained growth and prosperity are realised: the visibility of, accessibility to and engagement with learning is maximised to establish Great Yarmouth as a town which nurtures, attracts and retains younger and higher-skilled people to work and live with an inclusive economy that drives ambition and aspiration.


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